Lonny Bramzon owns two businesses. His first is the Law Offices of Lonny Bramzon, where he works as a criminal defense attorney. Before you question the legitimacy of his work as a lawyer, consider this: He is an ivy-league graduate from Columbia Law School, licensed to practice law in Washington D.C. and Maryland, and right after school, Lonny spent a couple years as an attorney at the Baltimore City Jail working for the Baltimore City Public Defender’s office.

Lonny’s second business is Street Lawyer Services, which sells certificates for services at the Law Offices of Lonny Bramzon. As you are buying a certificate, you have the choice to receive a gift – a cannabis product such as cannabis flower, THC-infused edibles, pre-rolled joints, and other cannabis products. As further detailed in my interview with Lonny, he has long been an advocate of cannabis decriminalization. After combining his passionate advocacy with his entrepreneurial hustle, Street lawyer Services was born. Lonny just started this business less than a year ago, but he navigates the unique world of cannabis in DC effortlessly. As a lawyer and advocate, he is aware of all of the DC rules and regulations around cannabis.

I decided to contact him because of consistently raving reviews, which is a startling rarity among D.C. cannabis outfits. According to reviewers, Lonny’s shop gifts some of highest quality, top shelf strains of cannabis in the District. Not only that, reviewers rave about the shop’s customer service and easy-to-understand process. He prides himself in running the business as professionally as possible, which makes Street Lawyer Services accessible and welcoming to all.

The Shop

The store is located on Georgia Avenue, right across from Howard University. When you get to the door, climb the stairs to the second floor, where you will be greeted by a gentleman checking ID cards. You are then directed to the sales room, where one of the SLS Girls – Saba, Amala, Tee, and Zee – can guide you through the process on purchasing certificates for services at the Law Offices of Lonny Bramzon, as well as walk through your optional cannabis gifts.

The Service

The customer service is exceptional, as the SLS Girls are friendly, easy-to-talk-to, and extremely knowledgeable of the shop’s offerings. In my short time there, I saw about 10 customers visit. While the clientele varied in race, age, and gender, the SLS Girls treated each one with the same level of respect and professionalism. They were patient with the more novice level customers and really flexed their knowledge with the more veteran cannabis users. They let you smell each of the strains, walk through the nuances of each (e.g., sativa- vs. indica-dominant), and will even grind your flowers for you. Saba, aka “Queen Saba” even rolled a couple joints for me! I truly believe Street Lawyer Services is building a large following of repeat customers based on their customer service alone, which is a notch above other District cannabis gifters.

The Product

On top of their excellent customer service, they offer top shelf, premium cannabis strains. There were more than a dozen flower choices, including indica strains like Grandaddy Purple, sativa strains like Blue Dream, and indica/sativa hybrids like Thin Mint. For the smoke-averse, they sell edibles ranging from 200 mg to 300 mg per package. Lonny even sells t-shirts, which you can bring back to your non-legalized home state as proof you were able to obtain weed in the nation’s capital with no issue.

Conclusion and Rating

Street Lawyer Services is proof that obtaining a cannabis gift in D.C. can be very simple. It is also proof there is a cannabis gifter in D.C. with outstanding customer service on par with the top shelf quality of their gifts. I’ll definitely be back and recommend them to friends and colleagues traveling to Washington, D.C.


Want to Visit Street Lawyer Services?

Street Lawyer Services

2622 Georgia Ave NW Suite B

Washington, DC 20001


(202) 431-3561

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