While ECO Cannabis prides itself in efficiency – getting you in, getting what you want, and getting you on your way to enjoy the product elsewhere – Magnolia Oakland encourages you to stick around, congregate with other cannabis lovers, and even enjoy your product onsite. Magnolia Oakland wants to be the place for you to unwind and enjoy cannabis with other members of the community.

Being the first Town dispensary to get a permit for on-premises consumption, they have set up group tables in the main shopping area, as well as a separate dab bar down the hall. Supplies for dabbing and vaping are at every table, and there are board games and televisions that foster interaction among consumers. They routinely hold events at the shop to educate or entertain the public. Magnolia even has an onsite nurse to provide consultation to customers. Magnolia Oakland transitioned from “Magnolia Wellness” in 2018, and expanded from dispensing solely medical marijuana to also offering recreational products. Needless to say, they’ve been in the game for a while.

The Shop and Service

They are situated in a free-standing building on the corner of 3rd and Adeline Street, tucked away in a quiet corner of southwest Oakland. I can see how this location can be appealing to folks that want to be more discrete with their cannabis use. The building reminds me of a former medical clinic. You enter a door to the desk of the ID checker, in front of a long hallway. Once you get past the ID checker, you are directed to the main shopping area, where you either go straight to the counter if you know exactly what you want and for call-ahead orders, or you take a ticket for one-on-one service with a budtender.

While you are waiting for your number to be called, you are free to start browsing on your own. When you are not shopping or actively consuming, there are many things on the walls to keep you entertained. There are some interesting vintage marijuana-related signs, posters, and memorabilia down the stretch of the hallway past the dab bar towards the restrooms. It’s like a little cannabis museum. It’s worth a slow walk to and from the john.

The budtender that called my number was friendly, but a bit distracted. I asked him to identify any local, Oakland-based products, and he wasn’t 100% sure. I chalk it up to arriving late on a Saturday and possibly getting their B-team shift, which is the same out I give Starbucks for subpar service around the same time. So I make my purchase and head to the dab bar. The bar is dark, with the most intense light coming from the large TVs mounted around the room. At each table, there is are tools for dabbing and vaping, along with a menu for cannabis-infused drinks.

The Product

The selection of products seems adequate, although it is dwarfed by the spaciousness of the building. You have a decent selection of flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, and extracts. My budtender introduced me to some quick-release nano-edibles, and the science behind it seemed plausible. It made enough sense to me to make the purchase, and I “field-tested” and confirmed the quick-release potency of the edibles later that evening.

In fact, my “faded-ness” almost kept me from making my evening meeting with an Oakland chef.

The dab bar is where Magnolia has an edge over other local dispensaries, as it offers additional cannabis offerings to enjoy while relaxing. You can choose from several drinks that contain THC or CBD, with 420-centric names like Grapefruit Haze and Cannabis Quencher. They even have a THC and CBD infused cold brews. Additionally, they sell single dabs for those that would rather smoke or get lifted a little quicker. 


I absolutely love the concept of Magnolia Oakland, being a communal gathering place where you can freely consume cannabis. I really wish I was there during one of their events to get the full community vibe. That being said, I feel like Magnolia’s approach to serving recreational consumers after years of dispensing medical marijuana is still being refined. I think this duality keeps it from being as visually impressive as counterparts solelyn focusing on recreational cannabis.

That being said, I believe Magnolia Oakland is going to be a site to behold once their vision is fully realized.


Want to Visit Magnolia Oakland?

Magnolia Oakland

161 Adeline St, Oakland, CA 94607

Oakland, CA 94607


(510) 628-2119


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