Review of the Book

After reading High Cookery by Gilad Meiri from beginning to end, I realize it is the most complete cannabis cookbook I have read to date. Every at-home cook starting to dabble with cannabis-infused recipes or curious about starting should own this book.

Gilad does not assume you know the basics and haphazardly dive into the recipes. Instead, he starts by educating the reader with foundational knowledge. For example, he describes the difference in effects between ingesting and smoking your weed. Those of you who have never eaten an edible will wonder why you’re not feeling high right away. Your confusion and impatience may lead to scarfing down more edibles. Next thing you know, you wake up in your tightey whiteys in a chicken coop (you’re welcome, Friday fans). The “Edibles versus Smoking” part of this book warns you about this often made noob blunder. High Cookery also precedes the recipe chapters with a guide to decarboxylation and infusion. It may come as a surprise to some, but you can’t just grind your precious flower and sprinkle those dry pieces into what you’re cooking. 

After the basics, we get to Gilad’s masterfully detailed recipes, accompanied by beautiful photographs of what your finished product should ideally resemble. It is abundantly clear that a lot of thought went into the structure of the book. There are three chapters of recipes that include cannabis as an ingredient. Gilad could have stopped there, but there is much more. The book follows with chapters for recipes to make while you are in an altered state, most likely from consuming your infused dish. The reader is given recipes for healthier but still delicious “munchies,” which would otherwise be the first high fat, high carb item within your reach. Who hasn’t had at least one experience blazing up, turning into an unbridled voracious animal, and inhaling a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, family size bag of Funyons, wheel of cheese, or something equally as regretful? The idea behind Gilad’s munchies recipes is that you strategically prepare the food and have them on standby before you get faded.

I found Chapter 6 especially interesting, as it specifically addresses the potentially hilarious, potentially dangerous occurrence of trying cook WHILE high. These recipes require a shorter attention span, and therefore require less prep and cooking time. Again, this wasn’t a necessary add, but thank you Gilad for looking out for every scenario!

This book is definitely Free Range Kings-approved. So what are you at-home cannabis cooks waiting for? Grab this book and make the magic happen!

Where to Buy the Book

High Cookery by Gilad Mieri is available at the High Cookery web site and on Amazon.


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