Freerangekings (FRK): First off, educate me on the unique world of cannabis in D.C. Other business travelers like me are clueless as to how to obtain weed while in D.C. We all hear it is legal, but our confusion keeps us from pursuing it. We hear that it is available at shops that front by selling other things, but that is it. When I hear that, I imagine the scene in the movie Half Baked, where Thurgood Jenkins goes to a neighborhood bodega and has to show his bare ass to get the business owners to sell him weed.

Lonny Bramzon (Lonny): In D.C., you can possess up to two ounces of cannabis at one time. There are places in D.C. where it is still illegal, because some places are subject to federal laws. For example, you can’t carry at the D.C. Mall, federal buildings, or public housing, where they receive federal money. You can’t smoke out in the open. It has to be in someone’s residence. You can even grow up to six marijuana plants in your residence.

FRK: So what about selling cannabis?

Lonny: As the law stands in the District, you must be a licensed medical dispensary to legally sell cannabis. Interestingly, a gifting culture has arisen in the District. People are selling other items and providing optional cannabis gifts. Gifts. It’s a beautiful thing. It is legal to gift up to one ounce of cannabis per day to an individual. Gifts. You got Santa Clauses all over the city.

FRK: So basically you buy a shirt for $200 and the shop gives you a gift of an eighth of OG Kush.

Lonny: I’ll tell you what – There is no place in the world you will pay more for a sticker, coffee cup, or key chain.

FRK and Lonny: [Laughs]

FRK: That’s a wild concept.

FRK: At Street Lawyer Services, what services or products do you actually sell prior to the cannabis gifting?

Lonny: I have a Law Office, and at Street Lawyer Services, I sell coupons to receive my services as a lawyer. There is real value in my coupons, as many have led to additional clients for me as a lawyer. They are all 50% off. So, a person would pay $100 for $200 off of potential legal services. We also sell some fly SLS t-shirts and hats. Ain’t nothing more dope than walking around this city with an SLS shirt.

FRK: That’s pretty ingenious. Why did you decide to get into the cannabis game?

Lonny: Number one, I’ve always been an advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana. I think it results in a lot of good, as you are reducing violence and bad product related to back street transactions. If alcohol is legal, then why not cannabis? In my experience, 90% of my criminal cases involved alcohol. Also, cannabis is a beautiful, complex, and delicious flowering plant. I believe the proliferation of this herb is a net benefit to society.

FRK: How long have you been open? And do cops give you any trouble?

Lonny: We’ve been open for less than a year, and we’ve had no troubles at all. All we seem to get and give is love and support.

FRK: What makes Street Lawyer Services different than other shops?

Lonny: We run the business very professionally, and we offer some of the most potent, top shelf, exotic strains in D.C. We try to make 10 to 11 strains available at a time. We gift flowers and edibles. In addition, we are a bit of a movement. Cannabis with style. It’s also a family environment that often sees spontaneous singing and dancing.

FRK: What do you enjoy the most about the business?

Lonny: I enjoy connecting with the beautiful folks that come in and receive their optional gifts. Such good folks from every walk of life you could imagine. Young and old, rich and poor, every race and ethnicity…and its all love. I mean some cats walk in wearing business suits right off of K Street, and the next guy that walks in is from Rappahannock, Virginia and be looking like Duck Dynasty. Such positive vibes. And some serious real interactions as well. People suffering from cancer, chronic pain, depression, and injury recovery walk in all the time and sometimes open up to us. And we are there for them. And the mutual love between the gifter and gifted is palpable. Both are thrilled the other is there.

FRK: On your site, you showcase the “SLS Girls.” Tell me more about them.

Lonny: They are the four young queens that run the marketing office. They are dynamic, awesome, talented, young ladies that take pride in this movement, themselves, and others. Each of them is an artist – one is a budding Hip Hop artist, one is a photographer, another in fashion, and another is a stylist. They are an amazing team and are also hilarious, kind, and fly as the birds.


Want to Visit Street Lawyer Services?

Street Lawyer Services

2622 Georgia Ave NW Suite B

Washington, DC 20001

(202) 431-3561


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