Free Range Kings (FRK): Tell us about your background. Where are you from, and how did you get to where you are at today?

Chef Shabrayia Woodall (Chef Bray): I’m a California native that started out being my mother’s help in the kitchen as a child. Eventually, I learned enough to start making meals of my own. I became so good at it, I decided to go to Le Cordon Blue Las Vegas for certification. During school, I was hired as private chef for the late Joe Jackson (Michael’s father).

FRK: What cuisines do you specialize in?

Chef Bray: Cajun/Creole, soul food, and southern American comfort food.

FRK: How did you get into the cannabis-infused cooking game?

Chef Bray: After becoming a chef, I wanted to keep up with the times. I joined the Cannachef Union, which brought me sponsors and events to specialize in cannabis cuisine. I have done behind the scenes preparations for 2 Chainz Most Expensivist television show, been on Thrillist’s “Instachef” online video series, and I’ve done commercials for “Blue Microphones.”

FRK: What makes you different than other cooks specializing in the same cuisine or who also cook with cannabis?

Chef Bray: I’d like to say what sets me aside is my passion for cooking. My flavor profile is what defines me. I’m free-handed. My home-based training is combined with traditional French techniques.

FRK: What is your go-to infused dish you make?

Chef Bray: I love making Cajun pasta. So soothing and comforting with a nice kick at the end to tantalize your pallet.

FRK: Do you have rules around dosage or is it based on client’s preference?

Chef Bray: It’s up to the client. My advice would be trying micro dosing first.

FRK: Any advice for folks that try to cook with cannabis at home?

Chef Bray: Less is more you can always add to your high little by little. Decarb your weed and eat responsibly.

FRK: You have been catering in Vegas for years. Any memorable clients or events?

Chef Bray: I have been a private chef and catering chef for over 15 years in Vegas. Most memorable client is Shaq, a very humble, laid-back guy. I cooked for Gabe Jackson of the Raiders. Cooking for NBA basketball player C.J. Watson was a great night. Being on the set for the Most Expensivist Budtender episode was fun, as well and being a chef at the 2017 Magical Butter Mansion event was a blast. The list goes on and on.

FRK: How have you adjusted to COVID-19 personally and business-wise?

Chef Bray: I am helping by offering a delivery service to those in need of some reassuring comfort in their lives during this very frustrating time.

FRK: Do you have a favorite cannabis strain and local dispensary?

Chef Bray: I’m in love with Blue Dream and Purple Kush. Also, Betrayal O.G. raised by Paradise Farms.

FRK: What’s you go-to meal and restaurant for munchies?

Chef Bray: My go-to meal is old fashion southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, with string beans. A favorite since I was a child. If I must pick a munchie restaurant, it’s gotta be “Jack-n-the-Crack.”

FRK: What are your favorite tools/appliances to use when cooking with cannabis?

Chef Bray: I have access to a mixer that helps me produce batches. Also, my Magical Butter machine is a great asset to me. Shout out to my sponsor @magicalbutter!

FRK: What are your passions outside of cooking?

Chef Bray: I love music. Music and food are universal languages. It brings everyone together. I love to write and be a mentor. You gotta give back.

FRK: What is next for Chef Bray? Any big plans or goals?

Chef Bray: Be on the lookout for merch, seasonings, more food demos and cooking shows, more sponsorships, and more cooking with Chef Bray at an event near you.

FRK: If someone is trying to book services or try your food, how can they reach you?

Chef Bray: They can contact me via email, through Instagram @chefbray, or Facebook (Shabrayia Woodall).

FRK: Any final words for Free Range Kings readers?

Chef Bray: We all need to play our part in this world. Follow your dreams, your passion, and always live for a purpose! Life is too short! Never limit yourself! Do the inevitable! Live, laugh, smile, and enjoy the people who enjoy you! One love from Chef Bray!


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