Introducing Boveda 2-Way Humidity Packs

Have you ever purchased more cannabis than you can use in one session? You make the realization in an altered state of mind and stash the excess flower in a secret spot only you will remember. Of course, you forget about the hiding place. Months later, you excitedly “re-discover” the bud! This time around, your once-potent flower of OG Kush is now weak from a terpene and potency perspective, dry, and gives you a headache…probably caused by (wait for it) nasty mold. Who wants to consume ash-dry, moldy weed with frustratingly weak potency? If you answered yes, then you are probably on some hella good sh** right now, so good for you.

Fortunately, for the rest of us, there is a product that prevents the degradation of cannabis flower and significantly prolongs its shelf life. This is a dream for tokers whose eyes are bigger than their lungs, chefs who store cannabis as one of their herb options, and for ballers who just like to keep a plethora of different strains on hand.

This product is called the Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Pack. It was originally created to preserve the freshness of cigars, but with the rise of legal recreational cannabis, Boveda created a pack specifically designed to preserve cannabis flower. You just add a pack to your stash jar and let the Boveda magic happen. I sat down with Dianna Donnelly of Boveda to get more information on their products. Our conversation below gave me more information behind the product and the company.

Questions and Answers with Dianna Donnelly

Free Range Kings (FRK): For those who are not familiar with the Boveda products, can you provide an overview on how they can benefit cannabis consumers?

Dianna Donnelly (Donnelly): The Boveda 2-Way Humidity Pack designed for cannabis does the following:

  • Maintains precise RH for curing and storing
  • Retains 15% more terpenes
  • Keeps flower fresh for up to a year
  • Saves $100/lb from cannabis moisture loss
  • Protects the medicinal qualities and potency
  • Takes away the harshness from smoking dry flower
  • Eliminates moldy buds and their health risks

FRK: For your average Joe, please explain the science behind the effectiveness of the packs.

Donnelly: We now know that it’s all about the terpene.  Keep the terpene intact in order to retain flavor and potency.  Boveda technology uses reverse osmosis to regulate humidity so that your storage and curing containers are kept at the Cannabis sweet spot of between 58% and 62% relative humidity.  When this is achieved, the trichome remains attached to the flower versus on the bottom of your storage container.  This benefits the consumer by promising them the same flavor and efficacy from the last nug as they experienced from the first.
Also, elevated but regulated RH creates a monolayer of pure water molecules that coat the trichome head.  This is the original terpene shield.

FRK: Packs are available in 58% RH and 62% RH. What is RH, and what do the different packets do?

Donnelly: Organic products like tobacco, cannabis, and wood breath moisture and the effect of that is detrimental to their quality and longevity.  Each has a relative humidity sweet spot at which level each product retains its freshness.

  • Tobacco:  65% to 72%
  • Wood Instruments: 49%
  • Cannabis: 58% to 62%

To illustrate further, the Mona Lisa was painted with organic paints, and therefore she’s kept inside a chamber at a stable 50% RH. Humidity control is how we preserve things.  Some products need to have zero moisture, and in that case a dessicate product is used. Boveda provides reverse osmosis to adjust as needed.  Inside the interior sachet is a salt-water slurry with food grade Xanthan Gum as a thickener.  The salt water slurry is how researchers measure humidity in the lab setting.  The combination of salt and water creates what’s known as a natural equilibrium point, or what I describe as magic.  When the ratio is adjusted, the varying RH levels can be achieved.

FRK: What is the CVault Container?

Donnelly: Boveda collaborates with FreshStor to offer the CVault Container, sold on both of our sites. It is the perfect humidity controlled storage container to store your cannabis and to use in tandem with Boveda Packs? This food grade stainless steel is an airtight container that is impenetrable by light, elements that help keep your herb as fresh as possible.

FRK: If you don’t purchase a CVault Container, what is the next best way to store cannabis with Boveda Packs?

Donnelly: Stainless steel or glass is best due to low porosity of the material. Dark or translucent glass to mitigate light degradation. The seal is how airtight-ness is achieved, and so the Mason Jar type seal with the twist on lid is another good option. Re-stash has a nice product that is a silicone coated mason jar.

FRK: How long has Boveda carried the cannabis-focused products?Donnelly: 1997 was when they revamped the product from Humidipak to Boveda.

FRK: Since this was added later than other humidity control products (e.g., cigars), was there any fear of losing existing customers opposing legalization of recreational cannabis?

Donnelly: To ensure all consumers feel confidence in Boveda, they keep the three platforms somewhat separated.

FRK: Where can people purchase Boveda products? How many retailers sell your product?

Donnelly: Unsure how many retailers carry us but the number is growing rapidly. Many smaller head shops and dispensaries buy from resellers. Boveda’s store, Amazon, and eBay are the three online sources.

FRK: Any final thoughts on Boveda for the Free Range Kings readers?

Donnelly: As mentioned above, the Cannabis sweet spot is 58 to 62% RH yet the average living environment is between 40% and 60%!!  This means that if you’re not using humidity control, chances are, you’re storing below the primo RH level to maintain trichome stability.  Best case scenario for a cannabis flower is to be within that RH sweet spot from cure to consumption.

For the average cannabis consumer and grower, using Boveda mitigates risk during curing and storage.  When the RH level is regulated, an unopened container will hold the level very easily as though literally stopping time.  We’ve had feedback from growers who found jars two years old with pristine bud and Boveda. We’re also doing a sample giveaway contest called “save the terps”!

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